Our Mission

EWB-TAMU delivers sustainable and innovative solutions to real-world problems in order to empower international communities by offering opportunities for the students of Texas A&M University to:

  • Manage international engineering projects,
  • Develop relationships with members of other cultures,
  • Create engineering designs,
  • Lead the implementation of those designs, and
  • Initiate the supporting functions of the projects: fundraising, manage finances and establish relationships with faculty and donors

It is our belief that we can create a symbiotic relationship with our members by building the organization through the development of those involved.

In light of our goals to expand EWB-TAMU into various areas of engineering, it is imperative that we develop our existence throughout the Dwight Look College of Engineering here at Texas A&M. We are always striving to invest our full capacity towards the community and students that we serve.

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Being a Member of EWB

When you join EWB-TAMU, you are not just joining an organization that designs and implements global engineering solutions, you are joining a community. We hold organization wide socials, participate in campus wide events, bring in speakers to our general meetings, and participate in sports tournaments. BUT, we work on some really cool engineering projects, too.

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Our Projects

We currently have three active projects. One in the community of Los Chaguites, Nicaragua, one in Peru, and one in Costa Rica. For more information about these, click the button below.
Our Projects


We accept students at the beginning of each semester, so please do not hesitate to join! Click the button below for some information about how to get involved with our chapter of EWB.
How to Join EWB